Ready For A Smarter Building?

REAL CONNECT provides technology and services that support to create buildings that are smarter, safer and more efficient. Furthermore they consume less energy, have lower operating costs, contribute to a sustainable environment and deliver a substantial ROI.

By combining building automation systems with a smart building management system we can enable you to monitor your properties at once of nearly every aspect of your facilities and fine-tune building performance to a degree not possible via human capabilities alone.

Optimize yours buildings tasks, such as the regulation of room temperature and climate, solar protection or lighting. Manage complex building technology and entertainment electronics throughout the house.

With a retrofit of your building it will on the long run remain financially competitive in the marketplace.

Preserve your existing investments and integrate them with new building technologies that can accommodate any system.  REAL CONNECT stands for expert advice on comprehensive system integration, reliable service and exclusive support for your installations throughout the entire life cycle.

Transform your buildings and technical infrastructure to boost your productivity. We are just a phone call away and happy to consult with you.