Critical Infrastructure Protection - For Now And For The Future

Businesses grow, so do security needs. Expansion or structural and environmental changes call for ongoing assessments of security risks and safety challenges. In fact boundaries define changes for facilities and grounds. That is when the meaning of integrated security really comes into play.

The idea behind is to expect and plan for technology and system changes. REAL CONNECT incorporates the latest knowledge into all security solutions, takes new standards and guidelines into account.

Surveillance delivers its maximum value when it acts in combination with alarms, access, video, perimeter and command and control. System integration provides the best opportunity to counter threats and add value.

With our comprehensive solutions we will help you protect your business, manage your security, keeping your building, occupants or employees, assets and intellectual property safe.


Contact us to learn more about:

• Identity Management and Smart cards

• Electronical and Networked Access Control

• Closed Circuit Television and Video Surveillance Systems

• Fire and Safety Systems / Intrusion

• Mechanical Access Control

• Biometrics


All of your systems can be integrated into one. Control and monitor critical events from a single interface that enables earlier threat detection, faster response and greater protection.​ Not only will it reduce risks but promote business continuity due to minimized downtime.

In many organizations failure simply isn’t an option! Peace of mind comes from knowing that your technology and infrastructure is secure, reliable and performs at its peak. Our customers benefit from their technology investments not only with regulatory- and corporate policies compliance but increased flexibility and lower operational cost.

Improve your security through increased system intelligence. Partner with REAL CONNECT.

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