Standardized Solutions To Maximize Your Data Network Performance

We understand that dynamic and innovative enterprises need accessible services at all times and are looking to minimize disruption and the loss of services. With products from industry leading manufacturers and the Know-how of numerous installations across all industries REAL CONNECT can provide you with an IT environment that is cost-effective, reliable, secure, and can quickly respond to your changing business requirements.

Whether you have a traditional infrastructure in place or you are considering upgrading to a new system, we provide full copper/fiber structured data cabling, wireless networks, designed to give you the reliability, back-up and support you need.

The big advantage: with REAL CONNECT, everything can be easily integrated into existing structures!

We bring a unique blend of expertize gained from many years of proven hands on experience in the field which enabled us to deliver a consistent level of quality and service to all of our clients. Our end-to-end data infrastructure solutions including design, installation, commission and after sales support will give you confidence in the security of your data network, supporting applications, operating systems and IT hardware.

In addition we provide assistance in power protection, environmental protection, and monitoring systems such as air conditioning, fire detection and suppression.

Our product range:

• Local Area Networks

• Wide Area Networks

• Wireless & Wired Network Connectivity

• VOIP Networks


This includes:

• Network design

• Installation of elements for structured cabling

• Testing of copper and fiber routes

• Documentation including as-built documents and shop-drawings

The quality of your data network infrastructure can’t be second best – if remaining in touch with your business is crucial to you REAL CONNECT can help you to be connected at all times.